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Cooperatives for the Promotion of Forestry in Rural Development

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dc.contributor.author Kilander, Kjell
dc.date.accessioned 2012-10-08T20:12:42Z
dc.date.available 2012-10-08T20:12:42Z
dc.date.issued 1987 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10535/8422
dc.description.abstract "One way for small-scale forest producers to gain increased economic power is through the formation of cooperative enterprises. But operating a successful forestry cooperative requires more than just a pooling of assets and a sharing of the profits; it takes dedicated leadership, trained management and clear objectives. Based on his own extensive experience in the management of forestry cooperatives in Scandinavia, the author of this article sets out some fundamental requirements for organizing and managing forestry cooperatives as they might be applied in the developing world." en_US
dc.language English en_US
dc.subject cooperatives en_US
dc.subject forest management en_US
dc.subject community forestry en_US
dc.title Cooperatives for the Promotion of Forestry in Rural Development en_US
dc.type Journal Article en_US
dc.type.published published en_US
dc.type.methodology Case Study en_US
dc.publisher.workingpaperseries Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy en_US
dc.coverage.region Europe en_US
dc.subject.sector Forestry en_US
dc.identifier.citationjournal Unasylva en_US
dc.identifier.citationvolume 39 en_US
dc.identifier.citationpages 3-4 en_US
dc.identifier.citationnumber 157-158 en_US

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