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Perceived Benefits of Fisheries Management Restrictions in Madagascar

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Type: Journal Article
Author: McClanahan, Tim R.; Cinner, Joshua; Abunge, Caroline; Rabearisoa, Ando; Mahatante, Paubert; Ramahatratra, Frederick; Andrianarivelo, Norbert
Journal: Ecology and Society
Volume: 19
Date: 2014
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10535/9284
Sector: Fisheries
Region: Africa
Subject(s): poverty
social-ecological systems
protected areas
marine resources
Abstract: "Perceptions of the benefits of fisheries management restrictions were evaluated in coastal Madagascar to identify restrictions that are likely to be self- and community enforced. The survey focused on 24 Malagasy fishing villages adjacent to coral reefs. Resource users' perceptions of the benefits of restrictions were generally high and widespread, but some less positive perceptions were found in three villages located near marine protected areas. Perceptions of the benefits of gear restrictions had widespread support; closed areas, seasons, and minimum sizes of fish were less common; and restrictions on species were supported infrequently. We therefore advocate a management implementation approach that uses these scales of perceived benefits and prioritizes support for the most widely accepted restrictions most broadly, with the less accepted restrictions matched to specific supportive locations. At the village level, socioeconomic and wealth variables were not clearly associated with perceived benefits, which we suggest results from a stronger influence of village history than socioeconomic conditions. At the individual fisher level, however, there was evidence that experienced people involved in decision-making, having livelihood alternatives, and having permanent housing had more opinions and frequently were more supportive of management restrictions. Incorporating this information into forums and management plans is expected to increase the rate of adoption and compliance with needed fisheries restrictions."

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