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Black Americans Past and Present Created Frugal Innovations and Embraced Circular Economy Principles: The Marketing Dilemma

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Hamilton, Clovia
Conference: 11th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business
Location: Valletta, Malta
Conf. Date: September 12-14
Date: 2018
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/10399
Sector: Social Organization
Subject(s): intellectual property
Abstract: "Frugal innovation is the practice whereby the rich learns from innovations developed in poor countries, and there is purportedly a current rivalry between India and China in the frugal innovation arena. This research advocates that the concept of frugal innovation did not originate in Asia or India. The practice of the rich taking the poor’s innovations is not new. In particular, Black American slaves and freed slaves developed a number of inventions in poverty conditions. It is imperative that frugal innovation research be more historically accurate so as to reduce the marginalization of contributions developed by poor innovators and to increase the more widespread embrace of circular economy principles. If a poor innovator resides in a rich country, then that innovator should not be excluded from the frugal innovator category if frugality was indeed used to innovate."

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