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Facing Bird Conservation in Conflicted Communal Lands: A Participatory Experience Towards the Sierra Madre Sparrow Habitat Conservation

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Cabrera-Garcia, Leonardo; Frias, Gisela
Conference: The Commons in an Age of Global Transition: Challenges, Risks and Opportunities, the Tenth Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico
Conf. Date: August 9-13
Date: 2004
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/1403
Sector: Wildlife
Region: Central America & Caribbean
Subject(s): IASC
participatory management
land tenure and use
traditional knowledge
Abstract: "Despite bird conservation efforts in Mexico, local communities living around or in these important bird areas are generally not aware of the existence of threatened species and the vulnerability of supporting habitat. Although there is recognition of the socioeconomic needs of communities living around or in these important bird areas, to date, only education and outreach activities have been considered in the framework of bird conservatio (NABCI, 2002). Bird conservation involving analysis of local realities, with specific cultural contexts, economic needs and even particular political frameworks, are at best, in the experimental stage (see Escalante et al. 1998 and Herkenrath, 2002). "This research confronts this reality by addressing concerns over a bird species threatened with extinction, the Sierra Madre Sparrow (SMS) (Xenospiza baileyi), a species endemic to Mexico (Picture 1).... "In this paper we describe the process of people participation oriented to the local grasslands conservation (the SMSs habitat), addressing main successes and barriers influencing the process and conciliating scientific and local concerns. We also present the resultant information derived from this process to document particularly the traditional knowledge in grasses, grassland management practices, with emphasis on historical and recent practices (e.g., use of fire, grazing areas) and main problems occurring in the grasslands related to land tenure, land use and land change."

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