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Institutional Effects on Committee Behavior: Or, You Can't Stop to Smell the Roses When Playing a 5-Person Game

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Wilson, Rick K.
Conference: 1981 Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association
Location: Memphis, TN
Conf. Date: November 5-7, 1981
Date: 1981
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/1414
Sector: Theory
Subject(s): Workshop
institutional analysis
game theory
Abstract: "Combining philosophy with empirical analysis is generally a dangerous thing to undertake. Something will always be lost in the translation. Nonetheless, in most instances such an endeavor is warranted. This paper provides a brief overview of a central concern in the debate between proponents of classical democratic theory and empirical democratic thought. This concern reduces to whether the contextual elements of a polity (more specifically the institutional structure) have a significant effect on democratic practice. The empirical work in this paper attempts to show that changes in the structure of a 'democratic' decision-making arrangement can affect the outcomes for that arrangement. Further, it is possible to model such an institution and subsequently to predict certain classes of outcomes."

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