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University Reform in an Era of Global Warming

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Type: Book
Author: Bowers, Chet A.
Publisher: Ecojustice Press
Location: Eugene, OR
Date: 2008
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/17
Sector: New Commons
Subject(s): higher education
global warming
Abstract: "In order to address global warming and other environmental issues in higher education, there must be a change in the role of the university. Many of the cultural assumptions and patterns of thinking reinforced in universities have their roots in ideas generated at a deep cultural level hundreds and even thousands of years ago. The result is that many of the courses taught in universities perpetuate lifestyle expectations that are ecologically unsustainable. For example, the cultural assumptions that gave conceptual direction and moral legitimacy to the Industrial Revolution underlie today the widespread taken-for-granted attitude that turning knowledge, relationships, skills, and even the environment into commodities is the expression of progress."

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