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Ecological Utopias: Envisioning the Sustainable Society. International Books, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Type: Journal Article
Author: Thiele, Leslie Paul
Journal: Ecology and Society
Volume: 4
Date: 2000
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/2573
Sector: Social Organization
General & Multiple Resources
Region: Europe
Subject(s): environmental policy
Abstract: From page 1 "In Ecological Utopias, de Geus offers a concise review, critical analysis, and synthetic appraisal of the works of nine authors whose utopian writings span the last five centuries. Each of these authors limned what de Geus calls a "utopia of sufficiency." Utopias of sufficiency posit ideal societies whose raison d'etre is the satisfaction of moderate human needs through harmonious social and ecological relations. These societies are characterized by simplicity and self-restraint rather than material abundance and overconsumption. They demonstrate how a high quality of life can be achieved through richness of community, sufficiency of goods, meaningful work coupled with significant leisure, and ecological integration."

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