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Finding Place in Nature: Intellectual and Local Knowledge in a Spanish Natural Park

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Type: Journal Article
Author: Lund, Katrin A.
Journal: Conservation & Society
Volume: 3
Date: 2005
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/2851
Sector: Social Organization
General & Multiple Resources
Region: Europe
Subject(s): culture
natural resources
indigenous knowledge
Abstract: "This paper looks at how nature is conceptualised in different ways by different groups of people in order to problematise the way in which anthropology naturalises populations by rooting them in various geographical places. The ethnography is based on a fieldwork in a village located in the Natural Park of the Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarra, Spain. By locating the ethnographic discussion in a Linnaean system of natural classification, the aim is to show that how people place nature, and place themselves in nature, is depending on how they place themselves amongst others. Furthermore, how people place themselves amongst others, needs to be analysed in relation to how people move differently, and for different reasons, to and from a place as well as within a place in diverse spatio/temporal contexts."

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