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All Hands on Deck: An Interactive Perspective on Complex Common-pool Resource Management Based on Case Studies in the Coastal Waters of the Isle of Wight (UK), Connemara (Ireland) and the Dutch Wadden Sea

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Type: Thesis or Dissertation
Author: Steins, Nathalie A.
Date: 1999
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/3607
Sector: Theory
Water Resource & Irrigation
Region: Europe
Subject(s): common pool resources--theory
water resources--comparative analysis
collective action--theory
multiple use--theory
fisheries--comparative analysis
institutional analysis
coastal resources--comparative analysis
design principles
Abstract: "This book is about the management of coastal resources. It is about fishermen, shellfish cultivators, salmon farmers, yachtsmen, cargo operators, nature conservationists, researchers, development agents and authorities. It is also about fish cages, fairways, birds, fishing vessels and 'vacuum cleaners'. In particular, the study is about collective action processes amongst multiple stakeholders in the coastal waters and how such processes are shaped in time and space as a result of interactions amongst such stakeholders (and non-human entities). "The study is the outcome of several research projects carried out while I was working at the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom (February 1996 - August 1998). Some of the projects were driven by a purely academic interest in the collective management of natural resources. Others were part of consultancy work or programmes funded by the European Union. The thread of all these projects is the management of coastal resources that are used in common by multiple users for multiple types of use, and, more particularly, the problems associated with multiple-use and the users' strategies to deal with these problems through collective action."

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