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Guesselbodi Forest: Alternative Frameworks for Sustained-Yield Management

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Type: Working Paper
Author: Thomson, James T.
Date: 1981
Agency: Prepared for Niger Forestry and Land Use Planning Project, Eaux et Forets / USAID, Niamey, Niger
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/3791
Sector: Forestry
Region: Africa
Subject(s): forestry
forest management
Abstract: "The GON-USAID Forestry and Land Use Planning Project proposes to manage the Guesselbodi State Forest, located just east of Niamey, on a sustained-yield basis. Main goals of the project are development of brushwood forest management techniques which will permit increased wood production within the forest; and encouragement of public participation in management of the forest as a multiple-use resource which will provide benefits for diverse communities of users, including area herders and farmers as well as woodcutters. "Various studies concerning technical aspects of the resource are now underway or nearing completion. Once provisional results of these studies are available, institutions to foster public participation will have to be established. "This report presents information necessary to adequate design of such popular management institutions. Included here are a brief review of: forest history; current and potential uses of the wood, pasture, arable land and secondary forest products which Guesselbodi does or could generate; and conditions which must be observed in the elaboration of successful participatory management institutions."

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