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Satellite Mapping of Tropical Forest Cover and Deforestation: A Review with Recommendations for USAID

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Type: Working Paper
Author: Freeman, Peter H.; Fox, Robert
Date: 1994
Agency: Environment and Natural Resources Information Center, DATEX, Arlington, VA
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/4059
Sector: Forestry
Subject(s): mapping
Abstract: "Satellite imagery is being harnessed to the task of mapping tropical forests, deforestation, and forest biomass. This report reviews four ongoing efforts by the United States and others to map tropical forests worldwide and track forest cover change with satellite imagery. The report analyzes the implications of this work and the information beginning to flow from it for USAID's programming and project support in biodiversity and tropical forest conservation. Potential uses include identification of strategically important areas for assistance, monitoring forest cover change in protected or critically important areas, and use of imagery as a common frame of reference for planning and coordination of conservation actions. "Recommendations are made on the use of remotely sensed information and GIS technologies for addressing global conservation issues. It is recommended that USAID: 1) become more knowledgeable about these technologies and their applications, 2) use results of ongoing forest mapping for programming assistance, 3) support ongoing forest cover mapping by 'ground-truthing' image analysis where USAID field projects are active, 4) disseminate within USAID information about forest mapping efforts, 5) use satellite images for planning and monitoring field actions, and 6) use GIS and satellite imagery for facilitating donor coordination."

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