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Oxfam Micro-Catchment Project; Ouahigouya, Upper Volta: Preliminary Evaluation

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Type: Working Paper
Author: Thomson, James T.
Date: 1980
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/4128
Sector: Forestry
Region: Africa
Subject(s): forestry
Abstract: "The report's introduction describes project purposes, major variables of the micro-catchment technique, resulting constraints on technique extension, character of participating villages and officials contacted (1-11). A second section reviews the evaluation process (11-13). Findings are presented in a third section, which first analyzes villagers' experiences, perceptions and attitudes concerning micro-catchment operations, and probable levels of support for continuing the project in the several communities visited (14-22). It then does the same for officials (22-25). Implications are considered next (24-37). In this context micro-catchment techniques are treated as exercises in appropriately adapted environmental management. Arguments assume villagers' willingness to do 'barefoot science' and to assume risks associated with it. Feasibility of barefoot science, it is argued, depends on a development strategy emphasizing autonomous, local, individual or collective participation. "Conclusions recommend maintaining OXFAM's commitment to the micro-catchment project while attempting to interest other organizations in spreading the OXFAM version of the technique (38-41). Also considered are risks and advantages of efforts to promote the idea among other organizations, in terms of strengthening the fundamental orientation to micro-catchments as barefoot science activity to be carried on by autonomous local units."

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