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Community Fish or Fishing Communities?

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Sandberg, Audun
Conference: Social Issues and the Socio-Economic Paradigm in Fisheries Management: Framing the Research Agenda
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Conf. Date: May 5-6, 1994
Date: 1994
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/450
Sector: Fisheries
Region: Europe
Subject(s): fisheries
common pool resources
Abstract: "The basic idea is here that a social dimension in European Fisheries is not something that can be crafted onto the existing bio-economic paradigm; In order to avoid confusion and double-talk it has to be an integral part of a new or a revised Common Fisheries Policy from the outset, and it always has to be carefully specified to whom the fish resources are common. This idea is substantiated by a brief analysis of the different incentive systems operating in European fisheries and the degree to which these produce viable fishing communities which are able to craft the local institutions necessary to complete the community-wide or nation-wide institutional frameworks in such a way that control, sustainability, recruitment, retirement, justice and legitimacy is taken care of."

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