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DG V, DG VI and DG XVI [Directorates General V, VI, and XVI]

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Type: Book Chapter
Author: Brown, David
Book Title: The EU Tropical Forestry Sourcebook
Publisher: Overseas Development Institute
Location: London
Page(s): 119-120
Date: 1998
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/4875
Sector: Forestry
Region: Europe
South America
Subject(s): foreign aid
Abstract: "Structural Funds are available as non-reimbursable grants, on the basis of co-financing ('part-financing') with the relevant Member States. The level of co-financing depends on the objective of the programme, and is up to a maximum of between 50 and 85%. There are five sets of priority objectives: Objective 1: Structural adjustment of regions whose development is lagging behind Objective 2: Economic conversion of areas seriously affected by industrial decline Objective 3: Combatting long-term unemployment and facilitating integration into working life of young people and those threatened with exclusion from the labour market Objective 4: Preventive measures to combat unemployment associated with industrial change Objective 5a: Structural adaptation of agriculture and fisheries Objective 5b: Economic diversification of vulnerable rural areas The relevance of the Structural Funds in the present context relates to the few overseas territories of the Member States located in the tropics. The main ones are the four overseas Departements of France, Martinique, Guadeloupe, ReÂunion and Guyane, all of which have the same legal status as any other French departements."

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