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Issues of Water Management in Agriculture: Compilation of Essays

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Type: Book
Author: Jinendradasa, Sithara S.
Publisher: Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture
Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka
Date: 2003
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/5091
Sector: Agriculture
Water Resource & Irrigation
Subject(s): water resources
food supply
environmental policy
poverty alleviation
Abstract: "This book contains essays from lead scientists from partner organizations in these initiatives. Topics include, water and poverty; water rights; agriculture and environment; improving water productivity; water savings in agriculture; rainwater and food production; fisheries; and sustainable groundwater use. We contend that increasing the productivity of water in agriculture--obtaining more value for each drop used in forests, fisheries, livestock and crops--is necessary to bring about change. This is required in both rainfed and irrigated areas. However, increasing water productivity alone is not sufficient to solve the world water crisis. It must be done in a way that maintains important ecosystems and the services they provide. It requires a river basin focus to understand how water use in agriculture affects other users. It needs a focus on poverty, health and nutrition, and a special focus is necessary on groundwater because of the opportunities it provides in food production and poverty alleviation—as well as severe threats from overuse and pollution. Finally, water rights are key to both water productivity and distribution of benefits gained from using water."

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