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Response to 'Is the Displacement of People from Parks only 'Purported' or is it Real?' (Schmidt-Soltau 2009)

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Type: Journal Article
Author: Curran, Bryan; Sunderland, Terry; Maisels, Fiona; Asaha, Stella
Journal: Conservation and Society
Volume: 8
Page(s): 99-102
Date: 2010
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/6335
Sector: Social Organization
Region: Africa
Subject(s): population
Abstract: "The accusation by Schmidt-Soltau (2009) that conservation organisations willfully continue to commit ‘human rights violations’ in Central Africa is, in our view, not true. We do not dispute that there are examples from around the world where conservation projects have not respected peoples’ rights in the past, and we believe that lessons have been learned and that the conservation approach has shifted accordingly. But citing isolated incidents between government agents and members of local communities as proof of ongoing, systematic abuse of human rights falls well short of contributing to finding acceptable solutions to these conflicts. Furthermore, we disagree with Schmidt-Soltau’s (2009) suggestion that it does not really matter how many people are affected, as long as some negative impact can be demonstrated somewhere, while at the same time continuing to cite inflated figures. In short, he provides no compelling evidence to support his claims that hundreds of thousands of rural poor are being displaced by conservation in Central Africa."

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