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Oil Spills in Coastal Zones: Predicting Slick Transport and Weathering Processes

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Type: Journal Article
Author: do Carmo, J. Antunes; Pinho, J.L.; Vieira, J.P.
Journal: The Open Ocean Engineering Journal
Volume: 3
Page(s): 129-142
Date: 2010
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/7027
Sector: Theory
Subject(s): coastal regions
Abstract: "This paper presents some considerations about environmental consequences of the spills and also about oil spill detection and control. Afterwards, it presents a computational structure that has been developed to forecast the time-space evolution of oil spills in marine environments. This structure was developed based on widely used mathematical formulations for oil spreading and weathering processes. It uses depth-averaged currents obtained from a two-dimensional and/or a quasi-three-dimensional hydrodynamic model, and net wave velocities obtained analytically. A Lagrangian transport model or, alternatively, a Eulerian transport model is used to predict the oil slick transport and spread. General characteristics of the computational structure and the results of its application to two real case studies - the 'Cercal' accident on October 1994, and the 'New World' tanker accident on December 1994 - are presented. Comparisons of numerical results with measured data are shown and a brief discussion about the computational structure performance is also presented."

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