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A Review of Some Factors Militating Against Sustainable Artisanal Fisheries Development in Niger Delta, Nigeria

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Type: Journal Article
Author: Akankali, J. A.; Jamabo, N. A.
Journal: Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume: 3
Page(s): 369-377
Date: 2011
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/7823
Sector: Fisheries
Region: Africa
Subject(s): biodiversity
impact assessment
Abstract: "This study justified the need for sustainable development of Niger Delta Artisanal Fisheries, citing over exploitation, obnoxious fishing practices, adverse environmental impact, decline in fish yield and species variations, despite the sectors dominant importance as a major source of domestic fish supply in the region and the country as whole. The basic methodology used in the study involved a review, analysis and discussions of relevant literature to the subject matter, especially of reported findings of researches carried out within the Niger Delta Region. Some factors were identified to be among some of the critical ones militating against the sustainable development of Niger Delta Artisanal Fisheries Resources, viz; Inadequate Conservation Policies and Programmes, Lack of effective capacity for implementation of conservation policies and measures, Absence of conditions that Encourage Willingness to Adopt Conservation Measures by Core Stake Holders (Fishers), Paucity of adequate scientific data for fisheries Resources conservation, Non Inclusion of Environmental Components in Fisheries Resources Conservation Models and Effects of adverse environmental impacts on Fisheries Resources. These factors were analyzed and discussed essentially within the context of relevant empirical research reports in the Niger Delta region, Nigeria. Recommendations were made based on proffered solutions to help enhance the sustainable development of the Niger Delta Artisanal fisheries subsector."

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