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E-ciencia y la Información Como Bien Público, Algunas Propuestas

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Pérez González, María de Lourdes
Conference: XIII Jornadas de Gestión de la Información: De la Responsabilidad al Compromiso Social
Location: Biblioteca Nacional de España (Spain)
Conf. Date: 17-18 November
Date: 2011
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/7869
Sector: Information & Knowledge
Subject(s): open access
information technology
Abstract: "Information and knowledge are the basis for good progress of humanity, the limits on their access and circulation have important implications regarding the development of science, technology and its position with society and human rights. This paper will introduce some of the agents involved in context of protection (monopoly-commoditization) / liberalization (open access as a public-information) of information and their positions, citing the example of recent projects such as CODATA, Science Commons or, Open Data, focused to create tools for open access to scientific data, priority within the new information cyberinfrastructure and escience. We based on the concept of cyberinfrastructure given by the National Science Foundation, NSF: 'a new form of scientific culture is based on a high-technology infrastructure, through which attempts to support new collaborative mechanisms, based on access to an immense amount of data, interpreted and reused information resources by powerful tools of observation, visualization and simulation. It is a medium that enables access and circulation of information distributed, which collaborate and communicate different communities and disciplines breaking cultural, geographical and temporal barriers. Its purpose is to create a global database, whose sustainability depends entirely on the work and effort of interoperability, the normative consensus intellectual property policy and consideration of the preservation and consolidation of science as public good. Achieving an e-science accessible to the entire scientific community, requires joint action by institutions, authors and information professionals, in order to implement strategies within the sustainability policy information based on the ethics of open access to scientific knowledge."

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