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Groundwater of Orel Region and Forecast of their Pollution in Areas of Livestock Complex

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Type: Journal Article
Author: Seleznev, K.; Lysenko, N.; Plygun, S.
Journal: Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences
Volume: 2
Page(s): 21-28
Date: 2012
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/7876
Sector: Grazing
Water Resource & Irrigation
Region: Former Soviet Union
Subject(s): groundwater--models
water pollution
Abstract: "In areas with intense economic activity showed a significant variety of forms of man-made ecological imbalance in the geological environment, as well as a manifestation of the natural geological environment of negative processes caused by groundwater. They give rise to environmental changes, both global and local scales. The degree of risk is determined to a large extent the processes taking place en masse in the geological environment, as a rule, have an inertial character and hidden from direct observation. For the first time for groundwater of Orel region is set by a previously unknown contaminant natural character due to the advancement of strontium in the groundwater complex, and is composed geofiltration model that allows to carry out prediction of the front of strontium in 27 years. Developed a model of the radial pull of nitrate intake group to establish the pathways of contaminant in water wells."

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