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Local Organizations for Natural Resource Management: Lessons from Theoretical and Empirical Literature

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Rasmussen, Lise Nordvig; Meinzen-Dick, Ruth
Conference: Workshop on Local Organizations for Natural Resource Management
Location: Columbia, MD
Conf. Date: October 19-21
Date: 1995
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/8101
Sector: Theory
Subject(s): resource management
property rights
institutional analysis
game theory
collective action
common pool resources
Abstract: "The sustainability of natural resource management depends not only on appropriate technology and prices, but also upon the institutions involved in resource management at the local level. Heavy state involvement in natural resource management has been justified based on the prevalence of market failures, notably the positive and negative externalities and the strategic importance of the resources. Policies of devolving management responsibility from the state to users have become increasingly widespread in response to the performance deficiencies of government agencies, the fiscal crisis of the state, and broader policies of decentralization. The success of these policies depends upon the local capacity for collective action, but the factors that encourage or inhibit the collective action are insufficiently understood."

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