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The Common Property Rangeland: Case Study of Ain Leuh (Middle-Atlas, Morocco)

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Driouchi, Ahmed
Conference: Conference on Common Property Resource Management
Location: Washington, DC
Conf. Date: April 21-26
Date: 1985
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/8136
Sector: Grazing
Region: Africa
Subject(s): common pool resources
Abstract: "The rural community of Ain Leuh, currently concerned by the project of pastures improvement as one component of an integrated and large project covering the middle-Atlas, has evolved through three different stages. Each period had presented important transformations with intensive impacts on the common pastures. The diversification of income sources seems to be an accelerated trend through which adjustments are expressed at each era. The oakerson model is used to better characterize the static and dynamics of the common pastures. An important remark should be made at this level, concerning precisely the boundaries for applying the framework. These limits are defined within the administrative rural community for reasons related mainly to the interferences present at each era among different resources existing in Ain Leuh."

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