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Institutional Arrangements, Community Attributes, and Performance of Coastal Fisheries in Korea

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Kim, In
Conference: Workshop on the Workshop 2
Location: Bloomington, IN
Conf. Date: June 9-13
Date: 1999
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/8189
Sector: Fisheries
Region: East Asia
Subject(s): fisheries
institutional analysis
common pool resources
social dilemmas
resource management
Abstract: "Korean government approves the appropriation rights of neighborhood coastal fishing grounds as common property resources, and give the rights to the fraternity of fishing village (FFV). This paper aims to find appropriate institutional arrangements and community attributes which influence performance of neighborhood coastal fishery in Korea, and to propose recommendations for the efficient management of neighborhood coastal fishing grounds. By the result of this study, institutional framework can be used usefully to analyze the Korean social problems, especially CPRs problems, even though the critics of institutional approach or framework often assert that it is well operative in western society where they keep the rules well. It is because that many rules specifying how to use and preserve the CPRs are greatly related with performance of CPRs management, preservation of resources in Korea."

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