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Designing Local Reform of Commons with Dialogical Tools

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Type: Conference Paper
Author: Jäppinen, Tuula; Kuure, Essi; Miettinen, Satu
Conference: The City as a Commons: Reconceiving Urban Space, Common Goods and City Governance, 1st Thematic IASC Conference on Urban Commons
Location: Bologna, Italy
Conf. Date: November 6-7
Date: 2015
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/9961
Sector: Urban Commons
Subject(s): community participation
decision making
public service
Abstract: "Dialog is crucial in the reform of local commons and in making them available and interesting to people in everyday life. Participatory action research, co-design of commons and service design, and participatory decision-making and change management all promote practicality and participation in development. This paper shows how, by engaging in dialog on these different theories of management science, design field, and research methods in a concrete case study, it is possible to bring people together to ideate, evaluate, develop and learn in a supportive atmosphere. The co-design approach and the service design process with its tools offers a concrete model for creating dialog between different stakeholders in possibly complex situations. The findings of this paper present the possibilities of dialog in the local reform of commons."

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