On Maintenance in Irrigation Systems: A Preliminary Analysis

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"In this paper, I report some preliminary analysis on 16 irrigation cases we have coded. Since only the location, resource, operational level, and subgroup forms have been entered in our database for all 16 cases, I concentrate the analysis on how the attributes of the resource and the community of appropriators affect maintenance of the irrigation systems. Operational and collective choice rules are discussed when they are closely related to this context. In our coding, we assign a confidence level ranging from '1' (very confident) to '5' (ambiguous information) to most of the answers. In view of the limited number of cases coded, I do not use these confidence levels to differentiate more reliable data from less reliable ones. These 16 cases may not be representative of all codable cases. They were chosen for the first round of coding because they are easily accessible and provide relatively detailed information needed for our coding. This paper merely illustrates what can be done with our data. An extended analysis will be undertaken when a wider sample of cases is codes."



water resources, maintenance, institutional analysis, irrigation--case studies, common pool resources--case studies, Workshop