The Impact of Special Autonomy on Papua's Forestry Sector: Empowering Customary Communities (Masyarakat Adat) in Decentralized Forestry Development in Manokwari District


"The report focuses on the impacts of Special Autonomy in Papua on the forestry sector. It studies the advantages and problems associated with the current forestry management system. The most signifi cant change following special autonomy for Papua was the introduction of small-scale concession permits granted to community cooperatives, locally known as Kopermas. As a result, CIFOR and the State University of Papuas research focused on these Kopermas, analyzing data on timber production and revenues from concessions, and determining the flow of benefi ts to customary communities incomes and to regional revenues. The objective was to determine how effectively the Kopermas system has empowered local communities."



decentralization, forest management, cooperatives, livelihoods