Institutional Dimensions of Global Change: A Preliminary Scoping Report


"What we now present is a preliminary scoping report. It provides, we believe, a sufficient basis for the new International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP) Scientific Committee to decide whether or not to move toward the development of an integrated module or project on institutions and - if the decision is positive - to give important feedback on the general purpose and scope of such a module. More time is needed, however, to specify precisely how a module on institutions should be designed in order to maximize 'value added' in relation to extensive research on institutions already underway in the various social sciences. Among the tasks that remain to be performed are in-depth literature reviews and additional work to specify and establish productive links to other IHDP activities, in particular research in substantive problem areas such as land use/land cover change."



IASC, climate change, global change, institutional analysis, greenhouse effect, rules