Satellite-tracked Migrations by Galapagos Green Turtles and the Need for Multinational Conservation Efforts

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"Over the last two decades there has been a dramatic increase in the application of satellite telemetry to track the movements of threatened and endangered species. Among the taxa that have benefited the most from these efforts are sea turtles. Every few years, adults of most sea turtle species undertake long-distance migrations between nesting sites and foraging areas; satellite telemetry is an ideal tool for determining where these areas are, and the migratory routes followed by adult turtles as they move between them. More importantly, for conservation purposes, this tool provides a better understanding of the amount of time turtles spend in international waters and economic exclusive zones (EEZs) of various nations, and thus can highlight the potential susceptibility of sea turtles to human impacts (i.e., fisheries by catch and hunting ) that occur in these areas. This understanding is critical for improving conservation measures and maintaining healthy sea turtle populations."



sea turtles, migration