History of Land Tenure Arrangements in Northern Ireland

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"This paper examines the history of land tenure arrangements in Northern Ireland. Much of the literature on land tenure systems suggests that a fixed tenure system will promote economic activity and ensure political security for nations. Northern Ireland has had a fixed tenure and cadastral system for over one hundred years. Yet, Northern Ireland in the twentieth century, has been characterized by violence, insecurity and political unrest. In the place of offering political security, has this tenure system contributed to the insecurity of the nation? "The paper begins with a brief literature review. The literature review offers a caution. In order for a cadastral system to successfully support economic and political security, it is dependent on other national components to already be in place. In addition, the literature review lists some of the objectives nations seek to secure by adopting formal cadastral and tenure systems. Next, a description of Northern Ireland, its economy, population and other facts describing the nation is provided. "The paper describes the cadastral system of contemporary Northern Ireland, including the Land Registry, and some of the complexities in ownership estates. In order to provide insight whether a formal cadastral system will ensure economic or political security, the article provides a history of land tenure systems in Northern Ireland. The history describes the ancient system following St. Patrick's years in Ireland (5th century AD) to English colonization and present day Northern Ireland."
land tenure and use--history, property rights--history