Biodiversity Management: Intellectual Property Rights and Farmers' Rights

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From the Author's Paper: "Traditional plant varieties and wild species are disappearing irreversibly, and this process has resulted in the disappearance of farming know-how and the genetic information it entailed. These varieties have been replaced by modern ones, which are economically more efficient but which have only a low degree of genetic diversity. What will happen if, for example, these modern varieties turn out to be ill-adapted, or if a pathogen appears? Given the reduction of biodiversity and the risks involved, it is necessary to preserve: preservation for the present generations, in private banks where the preserved material is, or will be, used in plant breeding programming (the economic aspect of preservation); preservation for future generations, by developing an analysis in social terms of the intergenerational models and of sustainable development. "...In this paper there are two goals: to evaluate the benefits or advantages of a project integrating sustainable management of biodiversity at each level of intervention in the decision (local, national, global) and to define property rights on the genetic resources."



IASC, biodiversity, resource management, intellectual property rights, agriculture, genetic resources, patents