Analyzing Access and Equity in Primary Education: Addressing Rising Dropout Rates Among Malawian Learners

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"With an emphasis on tackling the alarming increase in dropout rates among Malawian students, this study tackles the vital concerns of fairness and accessibility in Malawian elementary education. The study uses a qualitative method to clarify the opinions and experiences of significant stakeholders and to expose the complex interplay of factors that contribute to this pervasive challenge. Focus groups, in-depth interviews, and document analysis were used to collect qualitative data from a range of participant groups, including students, teachers, parents, and educa-tion officials, and to gain crucial insights into the state of education. With the use of these methods, the complexity of the problem was examined, and a thorough understanding of the challenges Malawian primary education faced was produced. According to the study's findings, the rising dropout rates are the result of a complicated web of circumstances. Due to the significant challenges faced by economically disadvantaged students in their educational endeavours, the subject of socioeconomic disparities has gained significant importance. There were also obvious gen-der differences, with early marriages and teenage pregnancies typically having an excessively negative effect on fe-males. The opinions and firsthand accounts of Malawian students provided valuable insights into the challenges they encounter when trying to get into and stay in school. Firsthand narratives brightened the difficulties that learners encounter, including risky and lengthy travels to school as well as inadequate facilities and educational resources. The study evaluated the effectiveness of government initiatives and programs created to lessen the dropout pandemic."