Common Water Management with Local Participation: An Approach to Use Xagueyes on Yautepec Microbasin, Morelos, México

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"The microbasin of Yautepec has had a history of unequal distribution of water. The situation has been that of scarcity in the highlands and abundance in the valleys, such problem could be solved following the process of local participation as seen among three communities of the highland of Yautepec microbasin. "The process of three communities and their local participation in the Yautepec microbasin give important elements to reflect on how a community through their traditional culture have modified some ancestral ways of communal organization into modern times, this process has shown the power and potential that exist within the communities in order to implement more efficient strategies in the work of water management. "Some of their agreements and rules have worked very well, these have been reached through solidarity, autonomy and self determination to promote some level of development within the community. Furtheremore, through internal and external cooperation, the community made possible their desire to have a better water supplies through a piping system. This experience clearly shows how marginal communities can eventually solve their water problems. "This microbasin has unequal distribution of water: scarcity in the highlands and abundance in the valleys, this is the historic problem of Yautepec microbasin, which could be solved following the process of this local participation."
water management, local participatory management