Aversion to Relocation: A Myth?

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"Rangarajan and Shahabuddin's synthetic essay on the contentious issue of displacement of people from wildlife areas is interesting and informative. Focusing on the Indian context, the essay crucially highlights the dichotomous views on displacement that commonly exist between biological and social scientists. The former contend that village relocation is fundamental to the conservation of nature and wildlife, the latter argue that the social costs, which relocations impose upon oustees, outweigh any benefits that people-less nature provides. Rangarajan and Shahabuddin thoughtfully outline both sides of the debate and discuss potential avenues of compromise that could serve to limit future village displacement. However, the tone of the Rangarajan-Shahabuddin essay is largely anti-displacement, given the deprivation and social injustice that has, in the past, resulted from it. Based upon over a decade of research by SHODH: The Institute for Research and Development, on a particular protected area, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) in Maharashtra, India, we would like to raise a few supplementary points."
displacement, protected areas