Local Institutions and the Management of Common Property

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"The responsibility for management of common property resources in mountain areas in Norway are divided between municipalities and different state authorities. The different authorities are using different laws and implementing different policies and supporting different local interests resulting in a fragmentation of the public policy. "The local institution Fjellstyret (the municipal mountain council) have the responsibility for the management of large state property. The goal is both wise management for the environmental resources and exploitation of the resources in the purpose to make profit and to take consideration to local economic interests and culture. The members of Fjellstyret are local representatives and they have a difficult job to balance between the different interests. The representatives in different types of environmental committees in the municipalities are in a similar situation like the members of Fjellstyret. "From the end of the 80's there have been a decentralization of authority from state and regional environmental authorities to the local institution. At the same time there have been initiatives to develop the exploitation of the natural resources specially to develop new types of tourism. "The main purpose of this paper is to examine how members of local institutions with responsibility for the management of mountain areas behave when they are under presssure from both environmental authorities to implement national environmental objectives and from different local economic actors to develop the agriculture or the local tourism."
IASC, common pool resources, resource management, mountain regions, local knowledge