Urban Agriculture: A Timely Game Changer for Urban Residents in Nigeria

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"This paper leverages on the yet-unanswered calls of the 1996 World Food Summit as well as the 2nd Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations both of which support zero hunger and safe, nutritious and sufficient food. Nigeria and Africa on the whole actively engage in agriculture but this is more restricted to the rural area. This piece provides a view of the status of urban agriculture presented in both exploratory and descriptive terms thus contributing to the several academic fields in urban planning and research discourse. The farmers, government and urban managers are among key stakeholders that can step up at both local and regional scales especially in terms of governance, estate planning and urban dynamics. Although with a global outlook and dimension, case study therein presents current practices and quantitative descriptions based on surveys from metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria thus providing an argumentative reflection for the promotion of a wide range of urban agriculture practices. This is hoped to nourish the discussion on urban wellbeing and development."



agriculture, stakeholders, urban affairs