The Norwegian Farmers Association's Fight for Re-establishing of Common Property Rights in the Counties of Nordland and Troms, North Norway

"The issue of Common Property rights in the State Common Land of North Norway very clearly demonstrate the bad and provincial treatment rural Norway and the countries in the North has been exposed to by the Authorities. In earlier times this was the King, now it is the Government and the Department of Agriculture and the State owned company Statsskog Ltd. Approx. 150-200 years ago, the local communities were deprived of their rights in the Common Properties by the King and his men. Today, when North Norway claims the rights back, the Authorities have proven negative. The issue has been raised repeatedly since the 1880's. This time Norges Bondelag (The Norwegian Farmers Association) will pursue it until justice is made and the legal rights of North Norway are redeemed."
IASC, common pool resources, agriculture, property rights, farmers' associations