Cooperative Management of Crisis in Environmental Commons

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"The emphasis of the research program in total is on describing and explaining behavior in institutions that man has created to operate common pool resources. A special focus is on conditions for a successful adaptation to emerging crises. Behavioral patterns, incentives, and stakes of actors are described in a modeling framework, from which possible consequences are derived and, on a subsequent stage, confronted with dates from field studies and experiments. We intend to make a theory-based, empirically founded assessment of possible and probable successful cooperations under alternative institutional settings for an arbitrary collection of common pool resources. "At the heart of our research project lies the investigation of typical institutions designed to handle conflicts occurring in the use of a common property resource by a group of individuals. On this field, it is planned to carry out and administer theoretical and practical investigations. For the sake of formal analysis, we will produce mainly game-theoretic works, which are to provide the type of conflict, the potential for conflict, and theoretical solutions. Field studies shall serve as a means to observe actual processes as well as behaviorally relevant cognitions; on the other hand, the assessment of alternatives to handle the relevant common pool resource of different users. In order to control for typical patterns of cooperation as well as barriers to cooperations mainly in situations of a crisis, several experiments will be carried out, with conditions for administration and the use of different investigation devices being varied systematically. "The general targets of the project are obvious from making its title more precise, so that it reads as 'cooperative crisis management in common property resources.' The goal of the examination is: how and how far allow conflicts about the common use of natural resources and their preservation cooperative solution, conflicts that emanate from crises."



environment, management, cooperation, conflict