Dynamics of Internationally Aided Farming System Research Programmes: 'A Gospel of Dirty Hand'


"The problem of donor influence, often not very helpful, has been discussed in the literature mainly in the context of aid for development projects. Lele and Goldsmith (1987) provided a very complimentary account of the assistance received by India from USAID and Rockefeller foundation for building up agricultural universities. There is no doubt that if host agency is careful enough, many of the hazardous influences of donor agencies can be minimized and useful impacts maximised. "With increasing problem of adverse balance of payment, my fear is that the influence of donor agencies (providing valuable foreign exchange) is likely to increase. I appreciate the initiative of professional associations like AFSRE to provide platform for open discussion on such issues. I hope that these discussions will lead to some rethinking among the donor community. "I had earlier provided an account of the effort made by a donor agency in India to tempt a host country professional coming in the way (rightly of course) of the agency's plans to push a particular model of development of so called waste lands ( Gupta, 1986). In this paper I discuss my tentative impressions about the donor influence in South Asia in promoting a particular kind of institutional structures for FSR/OFR. I have not taken the views of concerned donor agencies into account because it is so difficult to uncover them."



agriculture, international development, foreign aid