Water Management and Ecosystems: Living with Change

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"This report, based on the links between water and ecosystems, outlines how ecosystem-focused approaches may be incorporated into integrated water resources management (IWRM). It analyses to what degree water is involved in the relationship between society and the surrounding ecosystems, clarifies how humans and ecosystems are sharing the same water, and shows how ecosystem sustainability may be strengthened within the IWRM process. The report will provide a conceptual background to support land/water integration in a catchment based ecosystem approach to human activities. It indicates how, within the framework of IWRM, the needed ecosystem perspective has to be combined with adequate social and economic perspectives to a broader, more holistic approach to management of fundamental livelihood components in a catchment. The main message of the report is that, by benefiting from the shared dependence of humans and ecosystems on water, IWRM can integrate land, water and ecosystems and promote the three E’s of IWRM – two human-related E’s (social equity, economic efficiency) and one ecosystem-related E (environmental sustainability)."
ecosystems, water management, water resources, catchments, equity, efficiency, sustainability