Improving Environmental Quality of Margoon Waterfall Protected Area through Sustainable Tourism Development in the Region

"The protected area of Margoon Waterfall is the obvious manifestation of special ecological, environmental, economic, social, cultural and historical features and tourist attractions. Now the lack of compatibility between the capacity of the region and the number of tourists has endangered the area. So, this research has been formed to develop sustainable tourism of this region. In the current research, survey method in descriptive – analytic ways have been applied. In order to access treats, opportunities, weak and strong points of Margoon waterfall, first, reasonable documents such as maps and photos of the region have been studied and analyzed. Then tourist’s priorities for the presence in the area have been scrutinized by preparation questionnaire. Finally, compatibility between tourist’s priorities and natural attractive of the region has been measured in order to delete incompatible activities from vicinity of natural attraction of the bed and present suggestion for sustainable tourism development patterns of protected landscape of Margoon waterfall."
protected areas, sustainability, tourism, landscape change