Handmade Paper Value-Chain of Nepal: Prospects and Challenges in Growth, Distributional Equity and Conservation

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"This study examines the access of the actors along the value-chain of handmade paper markets in Nepal. The access has been found to be influenced not only by the existing policy provisions and implementation practices but also other factors including community structure, institutions, technology, finance, markets, knowledge and social relations. The industry has the potential to link thousands of rural poor into a remunerative value-chain providing economic incentives for sustainable harvesting, good governance and equity. The analysis of the growth and dynamics of this industry and existence of various innovative business practices shows a huge potential to improve the access of rural poor to Lokta resource, markets, technology, knowledge and finance, and in turn increase their productivity and income. Specific recommendations are made to improve policy and natural resources management and distributional equity, reduce poverty and promote good governance, while maintaining the growth of the industry."
IASC, value, forest products, poverty alleviation