Practical Challenges in Managing Traditional Natural Resource Commons

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"The total area of Ghana is estimated at 23.9 million hectares of which 15.7 million hectares lie within the Savanna Zone while the remaining 8.2 million hectares lie within the tropical High Forest Zone (Ministry Of Lands And Forestry-MLF Ghana). Ghana is located on the West coast of Africa, along the gulf of Guinea and the Greenwich Meridian. Ghana is boarded by Burkina Faso to the north, Cote de Voire to the west, Togo to the east and to the south, the Atlantic Ocean that lies precisely on latitude (4-11.5) north and longitude (3.11) west, (1.11) east. In fact it is at the centre of the earth geographically. Hence a paper that spells out practical issues which borders on its natural resources is worth presenting. Not to mention the closeness of the Akuapem Mountains to the National capital of Ghana. Managing of natural resources poses a number of practical challenges due to a wide range of factors; religious believes, location of resource, biodiversity, cultural diversity of the indigenous dwellers, just to mention but a few. Akuapem Mountains has been chosen on this basis. Akuapem is about 40 kilometers north from the capital of Ghana (Accra) it is in a region called the Eastern Region. Located here is the Akuapem Mountain. The identification of the practical management challenges will in no doubt help give or provide effective management in and around Akuapem mountain forest. This paper seeks to use this appropriate platform to highlight the major challenges. And to help Provide effective management for the Akuapem Mountain, for maximum benefit of the Akuapem Mountain."
traditional resource management, indigenous institutions, biodiversity, natural resources, diversity