Future Dams: Recommendations to Swedish Stakeholders on Implementing 'Dams and Development--A New Framework for Decision Making'

"The main purpose of the Swedish Committee for Water and Dam Issues (SKVD) is to help ensure that dams and other water infrastructure projects with Swedish involvement are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. In support of this purpose, the Swedish Water House, with a mandate from the Swedish Ministry of Sustainable Development, served as host for a dialogue between Swedish actors in 2004 and 2005. The process has brought together key Swedish actors and interest groups with differing views on water resources use to a free and open discussion on outlooks and approaches in relation to the WCD report. Through the dialogue the participants have developed a shared attitude to the World Commission on Dams' recommendations and strategic priorities. By extension, this can lead to a collective Swedish posture on the financing of, and involvement in, large-scale water infrastructure projects. We hope that the points presented below clarify further the recommendations and strategic priorities published by the WCD in 2000. Through this we hope to help Swedish actors in the water infrastructure market turn the WCD recommendations and priorities into practice."
dams, monitoring and sanctioning, development, water management, planning, state and local governance