Kebele Profiles: Parts I, II, III and IV

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"This report presents brief descriptive profiles of key socioeconomic aspects of 19 communities in South Wello Zone and 2 communities in Oromiya Zones of Amhara Region, Ethiopia. The information was collected by a multidisciplinary team using rapid appraisal methodology as part of a joint research project of the BASIS-CRSP Horn of Africa Program and the Institute for Development Research (IDR) of Addis Ababa University. The research team conducted the 21 rapid community assessments from April to July 1999, in the midst of a widespread and severe food crisis throughout many parts of the country, including the study area. Thus, this report is valuable not only for its 'snapshot' qualitative inventory of data on agriculture, landholding, labor, marketing, food security, and relate topics, but also for its depiction of local perceptions and coping strategies during a very troubled time. The introduction presents a brief overview of the community profiles, including their origin and role in the BASIS/IDR project on 'Factor Market Constraints to Income and Food Security in a Highly Diverse Environment.' It also describes the methodology used in the rapid assessments, and it discusses the style of presentation for the profiles in this report. Finally, the introduction briefly considers the profiles in relationship to the 1999 food crisis. A thorough analysis of the data from these community profiles will be issued separately by the BASIS-IDR research team."



markets, food supply, community