Home Garden: A Traditional Agroforestry Practice in Nepal

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"More than 80% populations of the country are involved on agriculture based profession in Nepal. Nepalese farmers have cultivated trees on farm from time immemorial and these practices are dubbed as agroforestry. However, Farmers of Nepal have been practicing different agroforestry models in different geography and locality. Home garden is more popular agroforestry model compared to other practices and is common practice in all most locality in Nepal. This case study is prepared on the basis of primary information and secondary information. Components, practices, socio-economic benefits, species conservation and sustainability aspects were analyzed in this study. "Home garden is practiced as a mixture of crops (mostly vegetables, herbs, NTFPs), trees (fruit and or fodders trees), and provide diversify products to the cultivators. The study found 131 species of crops are maintained in home garden. It has played a crucial role in the improvement of the livelihoods of small scale farmers and disadvantaged families in the rural areas. Home garden has helped to conserve many species in a small areas with providing diversify needs to the farmers. This practice is important to fulfill nutrients, foods, fuel wood, fire wood and fodder. Besides, this practice provides place for species conservation and may helpful for better ecological functioning in mean time."
agroforestry, gardens, agriculture