Securing Common Property Regimes in a Globalizing World: Synthesis of 41 Case Studies on Common Property Regimes from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America

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"A total of 41 case studies were contributed by researchers, civil society organizations and government project officers. These discussed examples of common property as it relates to a variety of resource settings, including forest and agro-forestry areas, pastures and rangelands, agricultural lands, and freshwater and marine resources. "This synthesis paper seeks to provide an overview of findings from these case studies. While this study is by nature quite broad, it is hoped to serve as a starting point for drawing out patterns and emerging concerns with regard to the broader goal of securing access and rights to resources via common property regimes, across different settings as well as across a range of natural resources. The first section outlines the study methodology, provides a definition of basic terms and reflects on why common property matters. The second section considers how groups and individuals gain access and rights to commons resources. The second and third sections treat the problem of tenure security for the commons, first by discussing how tenure security can be assessed and second by identifying factors and processes that jeopardize such security. The final section provides examples of some innovations intended to strengthen common property regimes. This is followed by a conclusion that distills the key lessons learnt from the case studies."



globalization, regimes, property rights, common pool resources--case studies, modernization