Forestry Balances Profit and Conservation in the Pacific Northwest

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"For more than half a century, the forests of the Pacific Northwest have been intensively managed and heavily degraded. These forests are capable of providing multiple community and environmental benefits, which are critical to the resilience of our region. These benefits, or ecosystem services, include the production of clean and abundant drinking water, clean air, biodiversity habitat, wood products, recreational opportunities, and more. By investing in the restoration of these forests, we can create new employment opportunities, move beyond the political battles that regularly call for either 'locking up' the forest or cutting it all, and build a diverse, local, and strong forest products industry. An increasing number of companies and forest landowners in the Pacific Northwest are adopting and profiting from ecological forest management. However, additional public and private investment in the development of integrated and efficient ecosystem service markets and incentive programs is required to make a significant impact on communities and the forest."



forestry, ecology, markets