Adaptabilidad Institucional: Dinamicas en la Evolucion de los Sistemas Socio-Ccologicos de Uso del Agua en Espana

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"The evolution of institutions is an increasing concern among scholars interested in institutional analysis. This study investigates the processes of institutional adaptation regarding the use of common property resources. The evolution of social-ecological systems (SESs) based on the use of water resources in Spain is the main object of study. In particular, it focuses on the factors that can positively influence the adaptive capacity of SESs to internal and external disturbances. "It is argued that the changes agents that constitue a novelty and are of an intensity not experienced before by the system can have the potential of increasing the vulnerabilty of the SES beyond its resilience. The homogeneity of perceptions and interests among the group of users of the resource, the availability of information and the presence of leadership appear as the combination of factors which exert a greater influence on the adaptive capacity of the system to these changes. The intervention of upper levels in the governance structure can also have a positive effect on the adaptability of the SESs, specially in those SESs in which the presence of leadership, the existence of participative common ground arenas and a certain degree of autonomy of the system have been identified."



institutions, adaptation, water management, social-ecological systems