Proceedings from 'High Level Seminar on the Assessment of Initiatives for Environmental Co-operation on Lake Victoria'


"The three countries of East Afica (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) are facing substantial ecological and environmental problems in the Lake Victoria Basin. Initiatives to solve these problems through co-ordinated actions by the riparian states are in place such as through the recent Tripartite Agreement on Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation. Similar problems are exprienced elsewhere. For example, the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea have for decades faced substantial ecological and environmental problems due to emissions and dischargs of polluting substances into the Baltic Sea and its drainage basin. Through a long-term co-operation among all concerned neighboring countries and a targeted action program, commendable improvements have been made in the situation. The experience gained by the Baltic Sea countries over the years could be used to build on the already initiated efforts by the riparian states of Lake Victoria to address the environmental and ecological problems in the lake basin. "To discuss and share experiences at the technical, professional and administrative levels concerning the threats from human activities and the impacts on the water balance and the ecological conditions in Lake Victoria and Baltic Sea, respectively, and the consequences in the fields of economy, environment, health, food security, etc. if these threats are not abated."



lakes, cooperation, environmental policy, water management, resource management, policy analysis, ecosystems