Untangling Subsidies, Supporting Fisheries: The WTO Fisheries Subsidies Debate and Developing-country Priorities

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"This paper examines, from the fishery perspective of a developing country, the current debate on the role of fisheries subsidies in the context of the negotiations relating to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). While providing a background on fish production and trade in developing countries, it sketches the history of the role of the State and subsidies in the fisheries of the now-developed fish economies of the world.It goes on to analyze the manner in which fishery issues and the fisheries subsidies debate have been carried out in the GATT and WTO negotiations, leading up to the Doha Ministerial Declaration, which is the basis for a more structured negotiations on subsidies. Drawing on the analysis, the paper envisions some of the development priorities that developing countries must pursue, and the nature of support they need to achieve them. Finally, it suggests what ought to be done by developing countries in the current negotiations on fisheries subsidies."
fisheries--developing countries, resource management--developing countries, economics--developing countries